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Please seek your own independent legal and professional advice at all times prior to investing.

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We have committed to donating 15% of our profits to charity, and are actively seeking ways in which our members and us can get involved.

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Professional Advice

Qandor has access to a host of professionals and experts who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with our members.

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Property Finance

Finding the right finance is imperative for a project's success. Finance experts regularly provide insight to the most recent finance solutions.

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Property Portfolios

Our experts are on hand to provide advice on what works and what doesn't work when it comes to building your portfolio. 

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Qandor's flagship event, Q.TV brings together members, affiliates and advisors for an evening of information sharing and learning. 

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Qandor Events

Qandor's events calendar is packed all year. From weekends away to race car driving, see what the club gets up to outside of the boardroom. 

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Qandor News

From new member announcements to club news, deals completed and more. This is where all the latest Qandor news is published. 

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Risk Management

In keeping with our values, Qandor actively seeks out advice that will help members reduce their risk. Hear first hand from the property community.

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