Amanda Staton

Co-owner, Statoncoe Ltd


As the co-owner of Statoncoe Ltd with Daniel Coe, Amanda’s focus is on delivering exceptional returns to their equity partners through development of office/retail space to high quality residential apartments under Permitted Development. With a current pipeline of developments worth £17m with JV partners, Statoncoe oversees the end-to-end management of the development process from acquisition, planning, financing, build and sale of units, using experienced professionals and specialists at each stage.

Statoncoe are also owners of a significant student portfolio and are creating a specialised HMO Lettings Management business to manage over 150 rooms.

As an individual owner of substantial professional HMO portfolio around Heathrow, Amanda has built up a multi-million-pound portfolio over three years, buying, developing and selling residential apartments, and creating more than £500 thousand in equity for her HMO business in the space of two years.