Bridging VAT


Principal: Ben Funnell

Bridging Vat is a specialist lender, providing an essential layer of funding for developers acquiring VAT elected land and commercial property.

Managed by Chartered Accountants and Debt Advisory professionals with an in depth knowledge of the UK property sector, they are able to provide a unique level of expertise in both the funding and recovery of VAT.

Since inception, Bridging Vat has developed a turnkey finance solution for property developers, advancing 100% of the VAT requirement on completion and pro-active management of the recovery process with HMRC. This solution provides a hands-off service for our clients, allowing them to retain capital and liquidity throughout the purchase process.

As a principal lender, Bridging Vat is able to respond quickly to clients’ needs with in house underwriting funds that can be advanced in line with time critical completion schedules.

Bridging Vat was founded by Qandor member Ben Funnell. He has over 20 years’ experience in structured finance, starting his career at SBC Warburg before establishing his own investment company in 2006 providing private equity to the UK development sector.

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