Hilltop Credit Partners    


Principal: Paul Oberschneider

Hilltop Credit Partners is the specialist funding partner for smaller and mid-sized UK residential property developers and house builders. They provide attractive financing solutions to established developers who know their local markets but need access to capital to effectively scale their business. They look to invest alongside developers with a demonstrable track record of building and selling high-quality residential developments across the UK, partnering with them to support the construction of new housing.

Hilltop Credit Partners provides a one-stop shop for up to 90% of project cost. Effectively all of the Senior, all of the Mezzanine, and between 30% and 50% of the Equity. They eliminate the time, uncertainty and cost associated with multiple sets of legal documents, quantity surveyor reports, and inter-creditor agreements.

Time to talk?

Whether your development project is complex or straight forward, Hilltop Credit Partners would be delighted to review your proposal and support you in quickly finding the most suitable solution to ensure your developments are successfully built and sold.

e: info@hilltopcreditpartners.com   w: www.hilltopcreditpartners.com t: +44 (0)203 903 6369