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Qandor offers a variety of membership packages for business owners and experts who invest, develop or provide services to the property and construction industries

Forum membership - for members who wish to attend a monthly workshop where they connect rapidly with other members, learn from one another and meet the special guests we invite each month

Q. membership - for graduates of the Forum who are still in the start-up phase of their businesses

Q.10 membership - for those who are actively involved in deals between £1m and £10m in value

Q.10 Plus membership – for those who are actively involved in deals from £10m in value, right up to £100m and beyond

International membership - for members who live overseas and will not be able to attend more than three events per annum

Family Office membership - suitable for ultra-high-net-worth investors or the private team of a single family or UHNW investor who is actively involved in the property sector, either operationally or as an investor

Affiliate Membership - available to corporates that are willing to make special offers to deliver products and services that support our members’ businesses or lifestyles

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