Qandor offers a variety of membership packages for business leaders and individuals who invest, develop or provide services to the property and construction industries

We host popular social events for all members to attend and we also host regular events that are more focused. These events are designed to ensure that members make valuable connections and share relevant insights with one another.

Because we work closely with members, we know them well and generally, members are involved in projects of certain sizes. Placing members into groups accordingly means they will attend the right events and meet the most relevant people first.

Qandor offers a variety of membership options:

For executive directors and leaders of substantial businesses:

  • Q. Exec Forum: Aimed towards leaders and senior members of organisations operating at the larger end of the scale

    This forum was created to extend our network and include firms involved in major construction projects. This group delivers continuous opportunities to collaborate with members of other groups and brings enormous value to the club. Membership is priced favourably to make it budget-friendly. 

The following membership options are available to investors and SME business owners:

  • Q.10 Forum: Project sizes £1m to £10m GDV

  • Q.10 Plus Forum: Project sizes: £10m GDV minimum

  • Q.100 Plus Forum: Pipeline of projects: £100m GDV minimum 

The Founding Forum is where it all began:

  • The Founding Forum: Mostly £1m to £4m GDV but up to £15m GDV

    With a curated membership of investors, developers, architects, construction business owners, debt advisors, quantity surveyors, planning consultants and other experts, members meet once a month and explore challenges, goals and opportunities. It’s a dynamic and supportive group, where members learn rapidly and collaborate on projects.

  • Q. Forum:

    For graduates of the Founding Forum who are still in the start-up phase of their businesses. Q. Forum members continue working with the club and enjoy the benefits – they have access to Qandor support, our network, our events and topical workshops that focus on specific challenges and attributes of property and business. 

Overseas members benefit from discounted membership:

  • International: For members who live overseas and will not be able to attend more than three events per annum 

We work with a carefully selected group of Family Offices:

  • Family Office: Suitable for ultra-high-net-worth investors or the private team of a single family or UHNW investor who is actively involved in the property sector, either operationally or as an investor

We are proud to support and work with our Affiliates. They offer our members special rates: 

  • Affiliate Membership: Available to corporates that are willing to make special offers to deliver products and services that support our members’ businesses or lifestyles, or those of our extended network via our public events and marketing channels.

Download a prospectus for more information on membership and prices.

Alternatively, complete our application form and we will be in touch to discuss membership options.