Dr Lafina Diamandis

Co-founder, Eurekadoc


Lafina Diamandis is a medical doctor, educator and property investor with over 10 years of experience buying, developing and selling residential properties.  She is also the co-founder of Eurekadoc, a startup helping doctors to realise their full potential through diverse medical education and careers curation. She has delivered education and training to over 1000 doctors to date, is an advocate for portfolio careers in medicine and the author of two books.

Currently working on a pipeline of developments between £1 and £5 million across the UK, Lafina’s focus is on leveraging her experience and contacts in both real estate and healthcare, to create innovative solutions for the housing problems faced by patients as well as healthcare staff.  She is motivated by projects with a social purpose and is curious about how concept such as ‘Co-Living’ could be used within the healthcare sphere and the bio-psycho-social impact this could have on our communities. 

Lafina is also fascinated by the impact technologies such as AI and blockchain could have on the fields of healthcare and real estate.  Inspired by her work on the Clinical Artificial Intelligence team at Babylon Health and drawing on her unique experience as a clinican and investor, she is collaborating on a new venture Insigma Health, developing blockchain solutions for the healthcare real estate sector.