Apogee Homes



The Apogee Vision is to deliver safe, sustainable and wellbeing homes to as many people as possible


Our passion is development and our core value behind each development projects is sustainability! We approach each project with a thoughtful and considered 'Design-led' ethos, understanding the sites unique merits, whilst evaluating the most sustainable platform attainable within the means of the financial picture as a whole. We have surrounded our business and collaborated with the very best sustainable designers, architects and professionals who all share the same Vision and core values of sustainability that we do in order to be as effective and meaningful as we possibly can in this space so we can 'Build a more sustainable Future'.


Steven Barrett, founder of Apogee Homes says:

“From the very beginning I recognised the value that Matthew Siddell brought to the founding of Qandor. The club has grown and evolved since then, but retains its true essence of bringing good people together to collaborate on development projects in a safe and positive environment. It’s a place where good deals get done.”