Smart Connected Buildings


Technical Infrastructure

Delivering next-generation wireless and digital infrastructure within Buildings (WiFi, fibre, data, voice, 4/5G, IoT)


We help building owners and managers attract increasingly tech-savvy occupiers through the use of smarter, more flexible and productive digital infrastructure. Our infrastructure solutions provide present and future occupants with the capacity for today’s environment and simple scalability to future-proof for what is to come. This infrastructure drives premium rental and sale value whilst ensuring buildings are optimised for the connectivity needs of tomorrow: Our primary focus for 2019 and beyond is delivering wired and wireless infrastructure solutions that facilitate and/or enable IoT, WiFi & 5G.


Paul Bingham, managing director at Smart Connected Buildings:

“I primarily joined Qandor to network with a wide range of property professionals to learn, collaborate, joint-venture and disrupt the UK's property industry by educating and delivering highly tech-enabled buildings built today, ready for tomorrow. I'm also a developer and investor in Co-Working and Co-Living schemes.”