88bikes - Changing women's lives



Qandor and 88Bikes will be working closely in the future and as from January 2018, we will be covering the charity's fixed costs and helping them to grow which is great news because...

  • First and foremost, reducing the financial burden on the charity means MORE BIKES!
  • 100% of every penny donated by generous members of the public will go towards bikes and bikes only.
  • Once more, a bike costs $88 whereas over the last 10 years the cost has crept up to over $100 in order to cover ancillary costs such as travel and insurance.


You can donate now via the 88Bikes website... thanks for your support!

We're still aiming to get to 600 bikes and we're somewhere around 450 at the moment. There are 300 trafficking survivors in Nepal waiting for bikes as you read this.

CharityAllie Astell