Core Membership launches during Mayfair power lunch

Thursday 19 April signalled a huge step forward for Qandor as we launched Core Membership to a room of people that run thriving property businesses. These folks have very busy schedules and it’s not easy getting their time or attention – let alone 20 of them in a room together for a lunch that was strictly 12pm-3pm.


The calibre was high, keeping with Quorum's mission of attracting the best and brightest property experts and creating an environment for them to get good deals done. 

Amongst the business owners in the room were architects, agents, lawyers, financiers and developers with substantial pipelines of 100s, sometimes 1,000s of units delivering resi, retirement, student, PRS, co-living, hotels. Opportunity everywhere and some very large investors represented.

If you are interested in Core Membership, visit our membership page to see the joining criteria and benefits.