Fast Track Entrepreneur: Success leaves footprints

What do the pits of the Chicago and New York trading floors, Lehman Brothers, the Russian mob, addiction, alcoholism, starting businesses with nothing more than an idea, and Central and Eastern Europe all have in common? They have all played a part in the remarkable life story of Paul Oberschneider. An extraordinary entrepreneur who has built a $200 million business from scratch... in a foreign country and market he had no experience of, and no connections in (he didn't even speak the language)... starting with just $400 in his pocket. Paul's business success has included: - Building 2 million square feet of shopping centre space - Building 5 five-star boutique hotels in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland - Building an agency business of 850 people across 6 countries with 35 offices - Starting a mortgage company - Growing a chain of healthy fast food restaurants in London from 4 to 19 in just 18 months