Founding Forum Workshop - July 2019

“Look at the opportunity behind every problem.”

That was one of the many relevant insights that were shared in this week’s Founding Forum Workshop. This one in particular was given by the speaker of the day Evan Maindonald from MELT Homes, a company devoted to develop-to-sell and develop-to-rent properties.


He also advised:

“Patience is key. Sometimes the best sites are those which have been hanging around for a long time.”

Every workshop has two types of presentations: a speaker of the day and a mastermind session, where more in-depth learning is given on a specific subject. The mastermind this week was Fraser Macdonald from Prosperity Capital, a real estate development company. Fraser talked about the psychology of raising investment from private individuals and the legal framework for raising private investor finance. He gave tips on how to approach people, how to verify their legitimacy, the importance of follow-up and legal practicalities to take into consideration when entering this kind of investment.


The purpose of the monthly Founding Forum workshop is not only to inform and advise, but also to provide a platform for members to know each other, confer about possible solutions and discuss possibilities of partnerships and collaborations.

For more information on how to become a member, watch our presentation and book a call with the team.