Q.10 & Q.10 Plus forums meet at Lutron Experience Centre

Our combined Q.10 and Q.10 Plus meetings are great opportunities for our members to get to know one another and explore potential collaboration. July’s meeting was no exception – we had an amazing turnout and excellent input from everyone.  

Our newest member, Tommy Hodgson from Eggar Forrester talked about his family-run business and how he can help the club by providing services in insurance. We also had Alex Josling from Seven Integration share some valuable insights into the art of creating the best private cinemas.

The members had some time to network and update each other on latest deals and successes while exploring the Lutron Experience Centre’s lighting and shading systems for homes and offices. To visit the centre or know more, contact Cristina at cztellex@lutron.com

Our groups are balanced and structured in a way that allows members to derive the most value out of the club for their level of business. Membership is available to a wide variety of people in the property and construction industry, from business leaders and professionals to entrepreneurs and investors.

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