Rekha Patel

Membership Manager


Rekha brings a wealth of experience in the property, events and business arena.

Whilst studying for her BSc Economics degree at university, she started her own event management company, whose main client was the country’s largest property networking event; she ran this for seven successful years. During this time she honed her ability to create seamless events to the highest standard, never compromising on quality and always prioritising an attendee’s experience. After graduation, she went on to consult for other events around the country whilst continuing her own property education, which started when she was a child.

She has proceeded to run a plethora of small businesses for the last 10 years, whilst also helping to consult with other business owners about how to manage and create the most value out of their businesses. No stranger to networking at a young age (she attended her first event at just 12 years old!) Rekha excels at bringing people together and building relationships. As the Membership Manager, she will be working directly with members, advisors and affiliates to ensure each group continues to reach and exceed their goals.