The Qandor Property Podcast is a series of visually interactive conversations between Qandor’s founder Matthew Siddell and experienced individuals in the property industry.

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Episode 6

Martin Saunders
Property Point

Martin Saunders has been running his business Property Point for five years. In that time, he's worked on about 20 different projects in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Over the years Property Point has grown into a company that produces HMOs with great finishes that produce attractive yields. Listen to Martin walk through a selection of developments and their financials.


Episode 5

Jeremy Ashworth
Cantata Properties

Jeremy has built a 75 bed HMO portfolio, producing circa £500,000 of rental income per year by refinancing a single property in Notting Hill.

Jeremy is now at the point of his career where he’s happy with the portfolio he has and is looking to take opportunities to the next level, working on development projects with GDVs of £5mill plus.


Episode 4

Paul Oberschneider
Hilltop Credit Partners

From the trading floors of Chicago and Wall Street, to reinventing the retail model in eastern Europe, Paul Oberschneider has always maintained a nimble and forward-thinking approach to the way he does business.

Paul’s latest endeavour is Hilltop Credit Partners. As a property developer, Paul has become familiar with pain points of financing projects and has ambitious plans to become the preferred private equity credit partners for developers.


Episode 3

Mike Bristow

Mike Bristow started his entrepreneurial career at university with a Vodka Redbull business. Today, he runs the peer-to-peer lender CrowdProperty, which has funded a multitude of projects, some of which are worth £40 million.

Having just secured £100 million of institutional funding for their platform, it's exciting times for CrowdProperty!

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Episode 2

Dicky Lewis
White Red Architects

Dicky Lewis, started his career as an architect at Foster + Partners, before founding White Red Architects with his two partners.

Dicky discusses what it takes to stand out amongst the competition, as well as some of the projects he and his team have worked on in the UK and India.

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Episode 1

Arthur Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Property

At 29 years old, Arthur Johnson is the Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Property – a company he started at the tender age of just 23.

Building and refurbishing properties in Southwest London for private clients, developers, architects and interior designers, in just six years Johnson & Johnson Property has completed 45 projects with 12 currently on the go, ranging from £50,000 to £1m.