Current Campaign: 9 - 15 September 2019

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Stop Ponzis in Property

First and foremost, Qandor is about relationships. In business, relationships are the number one resource and without lots of very good relationships you will never realise your true potential. Qandor is also about helping one another, learning from each other, expanding your horizons and having some fun in the process! I am incredibly passionate about Qandor and have a dream that it can become an influential force for change in business, and even more widely, a force for good.
Matthew Siddell, Founder

Matthew Siddell, Founder



How does Qandor work?



Recent Event:
Founding Forum - August

The Forum’s monthly workshop welcomed Q.10 Plus members Evan Maindonald and Fraser Macdonald as guest presenters.

Coming up:
Q.TV - 24 September

Presentations from four experts plus high-quality networking.

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“I joined Qandor around 10 months ago and I can honestly say it was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Time and trust are finite currencies and Qandor is one of the best investments in those currencies that you can make.”
Dr John Friis, Watermark Homes

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“It’s refreshing to meet like-minded business owners who are all serious about expanding their companies and can help each other with day to day challenges.”
Emma Stubbings, Ikon Property




Members collaborate on opportunities and share solutions. They inspire one another and help each other avoid costly mistakes. 

Qandor is a cost-effective way of expanding your network and extending your resources to gain access to new business, funding and joint venture opportunities and as the club continues to grow, more rewards from affiliates are added to the offering.





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Interviews, presentations, opinions and news from members and special guests